House of Gucci

House of Gucci


House of Gucci is the latest film by legendary director Ridley Scott. This film illustrates the wild story of the demise of the Gucci family. Lady Gaga stars as Patrizia Reggiani. She is the wife of Maurizio Gucci, who is portrayed by Adam Driver. These are supported by Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons, who play brothers Aldo and Rodolfo Gucci, respectively. Jared Leto also contributes and plays the family clown Paolo Gucci.

The performances are the most significant talking points in this film. Lady Gaga does a fantastic job starring Patrizia, particularly when she has become a more sinister and unpredictable character – she executed the performance by giving Patrizia a few different dimensions rather than just a femme fatale. Adam Driver manages to play an assured and suave Maurizio Gucci whilst still having the goofy Adam Driver moments that we love. Driver is a superb actor, and it’s terrific seeing him get a range of roles that he pulls off without compromising his distinctive on-screen presence.

Al Pacino shows he’s still got it and is fantastic as Aldo and represents the old guard of the Gucci family. Specifically, the reaction he gave when he found out Paolo had sold his Gucci shares, a deft bit of acting that was one of the movie’s highlights.

There were some poor performances, and this includes Jeremy Irons. He’s obviously an elite actor, but it seemed as though he forgot Rodolfo Gucci was Italian. He spoke with the trademark and powerful Jeremy Irons voice and then added an Italian pronounced syllable to cap off a sentence.

Jared Leto was atrocious as Paolo. He was completely over the top and belonged in a completely different film. He was such a parody of an Italian character; it was as though he’d studied Nintendo’s Luigi for this role. It’s perplexing this happened – his presence in this film is so jarring, and frankly, it does it no favours.

One of the more disappointing elements of House of Gucci is that there doesn’t seem to be an evolution period with the characters. There didn’t seem to be a period of transition or reasoning. Patrizia seems to become evil and ominous at the click of the fingers – it also seems like Maurizio very abruptly falls out of love with Patrizia; subsequently, he jilts her and his child. The theme of both characters is they were no longer motivated by love and family; instead, Gucci’s power and money corrupted them. This is a long film, and Scott should have spent more time depicting the characters arcs.

House of Gucci does an excellent job telling the surprising and incomprehensible story of the Gucci fashion family, which I wasn’t aware of going into the film. However, it struggles with some of the details and character development. The performances from Lady Gaga, Adam Driver and Al Pacino, in particular, are solid, and even more so when you consider they managed to keep a straight face whilst sharing a scene with the disaster of Jared Leto’s performance.

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